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Wow-Factor Florals: 7 Tips For Easy Flower Arrangements

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Save time and money on floral arrangements with these effortless and budget-friendly ideas that will add a "wow-factor" to your home.

If there is one thing my hubby and kids know, it’s that I’m all about quick, easy and wow-factor touches in my home. Many of these touches come from floral arrangements: small, tall, huge, all being staged in different types of so-called vases. Have you ever thought about how that gravy boat you rarely use, would make an eye-catching floral arrangement?

I say Go Green, Go Big, Go Small And Always Go Unique! Then sit back, look around and relax amongst your masterpieces. Now I want to share a variety of quick and creative ideas for you to get that memorable, wow-factor without having to spend a lot of time and energy.

Go Green

Floral arrangements with an array of colors have their place to pop throughout your home but for a quick splash of green, and everyone loves green foliage add some Ruscus or Silver Dollar Eucalyptus stems. Placing as little as 4 branches or as many as 8 branches in a vase makes a simple and bold statement. The best is, these green leaves last for weeks, even months as they dry nicely too.

Sustainable = Dried Florals

Enhance your favorite vase with sustainable dried florals like Lunaria, a truly unique flower most people see as a weed, and watch as it transforms any space into a captivating luminous atmosphere. Always cut each stem to different height for a powerful display.

Go for Height

I’ve always been drawn toward resort or lobby floral arrangements. The taller the better. For high drama use any tall vase or cylinder you have and add some faux flowering branches. Here, for that special touch I added clear beads to bring elegance to my foyer centerpiece.

Unusual Vases

When I want to fill a piece with flowers, I tend to look for hand-me-downs or unusual pieces around my house. When I was looking at one of my old sterling silver gravy boats the “lightbulb” moment popped up. This small Alstroemeria arrangement can be put just about anywhere to make a statement that lasts a few weeks. Guarantee someone asks “Is that a gravy bowl?"

Grand Silk Flower Branches In A Small Room

When it comes to making a statement in a small and unlikely place, certain flowers are my go-to. The beautiful silk flower branches in my powder room are displayed in my favorite glass vase, which I bought 35 years ago as my first married purchase.

Vintage - Brews the Best Flowers

I love placing real or faux flowers in my various sterling silver tea pots, especially since I'm a fan of antique sterling silver and silver plated. I have my staples but I do change up the style of pot I use at times. My family and friends always ask if I just bought a new tea pot.

Mix Faux and Real

This is something I do quite often for inside and outside floral arrangements. No one ever really knows what is real and what’s not. By adding some faux peach puff flowers to my fresh Alstroemeria and favorite green leaves, voila… an instant masterpiece. One that lasts for a while too.

Backyard Gems

What could be a more delightful way to create an instant arrangement than strolling out to your yard, gently snipping a few leaves from your cherished plants, and adorning a vase with them? My adored Hostas never fail to bestow their beauty upon my home, both indoors and outdoors.

When I find stunning flowers that draw my attention, I often spend 10 minutes creating an exquisite flower display to add beauty to my home. These beautiful displays keep the eyes of my family and friends off my Hovawart Donnie's fur that somehow accumulates on the tile floor.

Now, I'm asking you to share one of your creative 10-minute floral decoration tips with me. I'd like to use them for the upcoming project, "Friends and Florals: 10-Minute Floral Displays. "Simple and Elegant"!

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