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 As An Event Designer With An Eye For Creating, My Passion Has Blossomed Into A Career Filled With Love, Support, And Fun! 

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Who I Am

Welcome to Lifestyle Event Designs! I’m so excited to help make your special occasion even more extraordinary.

I’m Felicia Luca, a mom and midlife founder of Lifestyle Event Designs. I am driven by my lifelong passion for designing, decor, event planning, unique designs, and entertaining; my goal is to make every special occasion you host truly extraordinary.

Growing up, my parents emphasized to me that presentation in everything you did mattered. This gave me an appreciation for the importance of attention to detail and creating lasting memories. My mother taught me that subtle details matter, while my father reinforced the importance of taking pride in even small tasks such as cutting a cake. My two aunts were also influential - Teresa with her passion for drying silver dollar plant flowers sparked my interest in florals, while Anna taught me how chandeliers can be used as a decor piece, even if not hung. Inspired by my mother and aunts who always had a candy dish on hand to offer guests, I developed a concept for unique decor items.

This is what has fueled my dream of designing one-of-a-kind wedding and special occasion decorations that make events truly spectacular. At Lifestyle Event Designs, I specialize in unique decorations that range from pampas grass centerpieces to floral mannequins and everything in between! My aim is to ensure each decor piece I design exceeds expectations no matter the occasion – whether it be weddings, baby showers, birthdays or milestone events.

Thank you for considering Lifestyle Event Designs as part of your event planning journey.

Hera - Floral Mannequin Design
My Family


My family, especially my husband of 36 years, have been integral to bringing my creative designs and ideas to fruition. Not only do they always contribute their insights and opinions but I can see the ways in which I have had a positive influence on them. Even more remarkable is how my children, and my son-in-law have adopted decor, presentation and entertaining details I've inspired in their homes: heirlooms from their grandparents, and an appreciation of the finer things in life including unique items found while travelling.


While they may not work in my line of profession, I admire the way they appreciate the details and aesthetics of everyday life and the attention they put into their own gatherings.


   Having been featured in Shoutout Arizona is an honor

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