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Beautify Your Home with Bridal Decor

Give your home a more sophisticated flair by displaying a few decor pieces from a special occasion?

I added a few of my daughter's and son-in-law's wedding decorations to my living room to make the space feel even more special. Using bridal decorations is a great way to enhance any room, whether it is your own or that of a beloved family member.

I put the floral mannequin, know now as Hera, I made for their big day in front of my trifold floor mirror from my own honeymoon days 36 years ago. I added some white hydrangeas to the iron horse figure I hold close to my heart. Then I hung my daughter’s wedding veil, designed by Giana Scanelli Bridal from the top of the mirror to the horse figure. There is no doubt that the veil brings everything together with its beautiful details. In keeping with the bridal ambiance, I have a few photos on the wall to celebrate romance, family and memories.

If you want to display some of your wedding decor items in your home, why not take a look around and get inspired? Here are a few suggestions to help you include your bridal decorations and give your house a touch of special occasion flair.

1. Place a crystal vase with white and pink roses on the dining table.

2. Hang romantic, shimmery draperies over any windows in your home to add elegance.

3. Put silver frames filled with wedding photos around the house, along with scented candles to add an extra touch of romance.

4. Drape some light-colored fabric like lace or tulle on the walls for a dreamy effect.

5. Arrange plates, glasses and other fine dishware into decorative patterns on shelves or atop tables.

Another thing I like to do is to drape beaded lace runners in select areas throughout my home. I also adorn a statue or an accent table, with beads to create a sophisticated and elegant look. So, create a little bridal ambiance in your home and keep special moments alive!

Need some inspirational ideas? Reach out and lets bring your vision to life.

What are your favorite ways to use bridal decor in the home? Email me today at


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