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Kids! Now That You’re Older, Guess What?

Your parents are actually cool people, interesting and better than ever!

So kids, I hope you're enjoying adulting and all the responsibilities that go along with it. I want to thank you for changing my life and becoming a mommy, nowadays "mom.” Something I will never stop striving to be the best at, even if it takes the rest of my life.

Now that you have all grown up and don’t need “mommy” to tie your shoes anymore, accompany you to your activities, help with school work, play referee when emotions ran high, cry when you cried at the barber shop, be "nurse mom" through all your injuries and illnesses (even the slightest cold that was so dramatic), be your #1 cheerleader through college and help guide you through early adulthood, I'd like to introduce you to two adults you might like!

My name is Felicia and I was once younger like you. Did you know that? I was called Fel, Filly, sis and at one point “The Greek Enchilada (high school years).” Dad was Joseph, Joey or Giuseppe at times. We both grew up in Brooklyn, NY and met in high school. I thought he was cute, he apparently liked me but we never dated. We went to different colleges, graduated and met again at a wedding, fell in love, bought a house, got married and became parents. Your lives were the main attraction in the family circus. Our job was to juggle relationships, careers, dreams and everything around you and would do it all again.

So now that you’re all grown up we are back: cooler and better than ever. We're two proud parents who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Parenthood and living our younger years over again. Just with more aches, pains and a lot of IcyHot and SalonPas.

A short list of things to expect from us as we grow younger and you grow older.

We Won't Call You Every Day

We promise to not call you every day. After all, you need your freedom. But feel free to call us. I might not answer you because I may be getting a massage, having a facial, walking on the beach, wandering around the park (I deviate from the path), doing Zumba, out for pet playdates, shopping, coloring, hanging with the gals, or planning the next short or long vacation. You know how the cruise lines or airlines are beckoning us to keep them busy. Then again, I might not want to answer my phone. Oops, the ringer's off again! As for dad, he's probably sitting back binge watching a new TV series. If it's anything like Peaky Blinders, try us again in about a month:)

Dancing Is The Norm - Day And Night

Dancing is my daily routine. Everyone knows I like to dance and these days, I dance a lot around the house. I do have a dance partner, Ollie the parrot, always ready to move to the tunes with me. So when you pop over join me, and please don’t turn on a TV because, well, that’s just rude, and I taught you to respect your elders. By the way, you should learn the words to my new favorite song “Don’t know about you but I feel good” which is on repeat. Why? Cause, I feel good!

Day Trips, Overnights And Vacations Are In High Gear

Before you ask us over, even with 3 weeks notice, you might want to ask us to check our calendar because if you're not penciled in, we might forget about your BBQ. Basically hopping in the car or on a train or plane is the new norm. Don't get me wrong we did those things with all of you before but now, if I discover a new place we haven't visited yet, I just call dad at work, he checks his schedule and away we will go. After all, there is no end to the unique adventures calling out to us.

Dad And I Have Friends So We’ll Be Out Late

No questions allowed. Dad and I used to go out, till all hours, enjoying ourselves, with me always being the early riser, no matter how tired I was. Believe it or not, we’re doing it again! Sometimes we're out with friends too and get into talking, reminiscing ( I bet you do this too now that you're older:), sip on whatever we’re enjoying that evening, and laugh till someone says "It’s really late, we better call it a night.” The point is - please refrain from asking “You were out till when? Who drove? Are you sure you could see well? Are you ok? How’s your hip, your knee, your head, your pinky, your toe, your stomach?” We are okay!

What Is Cooking? We're Now Restaurant Critics

Cooking might go down as a pastime and I'm not cooking much these days. I do enjoy food shopping but sometimes I don’t feel like cooking, so restaurant hopping is something dad and I have embraced. Did you know dad has become a low-key food critic proud of his tasting reviews, so we might go on eating out forever. I sure hope I don’t forget how to boil water “Ha-ha." So do come by and I’ll make your favorite chicken cutlet meal since I’m “Queen of the cotolette” unless a new restaurant opened up and dad needs to sample the cuisine. Guess we can take you along, and even pay for you. By the way if I do decide to cook you’ll need to wait a bit as my boys - the parrot and the dog need to be fed first.

The Pantry Has The Coolest Products

Remember when I bought all the sugary and salty snacks and packed them in your lunch bag with the chicken cutlet hero or other hero I'd prepare at 6AM every day of the week. Well now there are no more school lunches and I am so proud of the coolest pantry ever! It’s organized better and everything in it is picked for the ingredients they contain. So when you enter the house and open the pantry doors, grab a GF bar, a vegan bag of something, Keto friendly pack, no sugar added wanna be cheese snack , or or even some plantain chips. No worries if you don’t like anything I have in the pantry as the supermarket is only a quick 5 minute drive for you. And, if you decide to try one of my goodies, make sure you leave the pantry in an orderly fashion as you saw it. I have a pantry inventory spreadsheet!

We Sleep At Night: Go To Bed Early And Enjoy Deep Sleep Most Nights.

Sleeping is a thing! Oh my for so many years dad and I didn’t know that anyone can sleep for 8 straight hours. So do stay over, come in at 2AM (from where I still don't want to know), but please don't wake us up or come into our room the next morning and ask “Mom, aren’t you getting up, what’s for breakfast?” You’ll have to tend to your breakfast and make your own coffee. Not that hard these days, as all you have to do is turn on the Nespresso machine.

Meditation Is Not Just For Guru’s

Remember when I would sit in the living room with headphones on trying to zone out everything and everyone around me. I got a whole 10 minutes at times to relax. Now when you visit and see me relaxing on my massage chair with my eyes closed please don't interrupt me. Pass by, don’t say a thing, but be reassured I’ll be the most relaxed person you meet after about 5 hours. No, just kidding...just a short 30 minutes. You’ll just have to wait. Then I’ll attend to whatever you need. And don’t dare say "Mom, I‘m here!"

Pillows Are To Be Seen, Not Used

If you haven't noticed lately, pillows are the main attraction in the house these days. Dad and I have our favorites. Now you must follow the pillow rule even though you might have grown up around a few. Feel free to sit anywhere there is a pillow, and there are plenty of pillows in every shape, size, with beads, hand painted or embroidered all placed strategically in each room. You cannot re-fluff or roll a pillow, even if you used to do so, into some sort of ball to snuggle or make it more comfortable. See me as I have select pillows for that activity. All others are for guests to sit back on and enjoy. So "Don't mess with my pillows!"

And Lastly…

Please feel free to Facetime me or dad so we can include you in our fun or if you really do need us to help you. We will always be here for you! Love Mommy.

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