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Hosta Leaves Make A Beautiful Floral Arrangement

Even with their bold leaves hostas aren't always recognized as the most beautiful plants in a garden. Bring their rich leaves indoors and add brilliance to your home decor.

To me Hostas are just magnificent to watch grow. They come in many sizes, colors, leaf shapes and textures that can be combined for an eye catching garden. Once their tubular flowers bloom you're guaranteed to see nature at it's best: bees buzzing over the flowers and hummingbirds dancing around them, both enjoying delicious nectar Hosta's provide.

When my favorite Hosta plants are full and abundant I trim the leaves from the bottom of the plants, and place them in a vase indoors. I usually wait till the flowers have bloomed too. This floral arrangement can last up to 3 weeks. Just admire your arrangement and they'll reciprocate with a unique beauty only they can provide.

4 Simple Steps To Create A Brilliant Hosta Floral Arrangement.

1.Trimming Your Hosta

Always use a good set of clippers like MEPEREZ garden clippers to trim away from the bottom of your Hosta plant. This summer, here in New Jersey, we've had an exceptionally hot and dry summer and my leaves started turning a little brown. As you can see I trimmed a lot of leaves so my plant could breathe from the bottom an allow newer leaves to flourish.

2.Collecting Leaves You Want

Once my Hosta leaves are piled up I can choose as many of the impressive leaves as I want to create my indoor floral arrangement.

3.Floral Arrangement Size And Look

Now I placed leaves in my hand to decide how big I want my arrangement to look. With the large leaf Hostas you can use a few or a lot of leaves depending on the impact you desire.

4.Voila! A Simple Masterpiece

I placed 15 Hosta leaves in one of my favorite vases. My Hosta arrangement, with it's beautiful color combination and splendid leaves is a simple beautiful centerpiece for my family room. A real eye-catcher!

Plant a Hosta, of any shape and size, divide it the following Spring and watch your Hosta garden grow. You will never be disappointed with such wonderous plants that will provide beauty in your garden and in your home. You might even be able to catch a hummingbird sipping on their nectar. I keep trying to snap a photo when I see one near my plants. I'm just not quick enough.

Also, be adventurous and add a few flowers to your Hosta centerpiece. Before you know it, you'll have a home of florals that will greet you every day. Just stop by one and say "Good Morning Beautiful."

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