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Kitchen Table Tray: How A College Mirror Became A Kitchen Tray

How does a college apartment mirror become a great kitchen table accent tray? Simple...with a little help from mom seeing the potential it has to reflect more than someone fixing their hair or outfit.

Oh the many things my kitchen table tray has seen during it's 5 years as the go-to mirror for both of my sons and their college friends. People coming, people going, food being tossed, clean teeth-check before going out for the night, hair styles of all sorts and other things I'd rather not know about.

When it graduated with my youngest son, two years ago, we were throwing a graduation party to celebrate my son's milestone, so off I ran to Michaels. There I bought some gold paint then painted the metal frame gold. It would be a great tray to hold liquor on top of a table in my basement.

After it's fun day seeing reflections looking down at it I had an idea: it would be perfect to reflect my two vintage silver tea pots that adorn my kitchen table. Of course my Amazon Parrot- Ollie needed to check it out and the statue that would be center on the tray. I guess it met his approval.

These days, Ollie always needs to get a quick look at the newest flowers I bring in from my favorite supermarket, Shoprite, that reflect beautifully on my tray. Then again, he might just like looking at himself.

As you might know from my other quick home décor ideas, take a look around your home, find something you had packed away, then might just find that new star attraction for your home. Now watch what happens when company drops by and asks where you got your new tray from.

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