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Create Simple and Elegant Fall Tabletop Trees for Your Home Decor

Make tabletop trees in under 5 minutes using faux fall leaves. They are an easy way to bring autumnal vibes into your home any time of year, especially if you place them on your mantel.

Even if you’ve never thought about making your own tabletop trees, you can do it in under five minutes using this simple tutorial! To create these fall trees, all you need are a large Styrofoam cone, green moss, some faux leaves, a hot glue iron, glue sticks and small pots , if desired. You can always add some glittered stems if you want to use them for a little pizzazz. I like to use bronze because they’re more autumnal, but whatever colors you prefer will work just as well! Be creative and have fun with it!


Large Styrofoam cone or brown twig cone

Small pots

Green moss (1-2 packages)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Faux fall leaves (4 stems multi color work great)

2 glittered stems

1 package small gold beads (roughly 20 per package)

Music for ambiance!


  1. Place cone on top of pot and glue to secure.

  2. If using a cone, glue moss to cone.

  3. If using twig tree glue to the pot and add moss to it.

  4. Begin putting a little glue on one leaf and add to tree, and repeat placing leaves in a few places.

  5. Now add another leaf on top of the first row of leaves. This adds dimension. You can add a third if you want more dimension.

  6. Cut off little branches from your glitter stems and glue where desired. You can add a few or a lot to add for glitz.

  7. Now glue a gold bead to middle top of leaves.

  8. I added moss to the pot and then placed 4 beads on top.

  9. Be creative with your display.

  10. Voila! A simple elegant Fall tabletop tree

Looking For More DIYs?

I've got you covered this Fall, Christmas and other Holidays. Video tutorials available online.

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