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Midlife Mojo: Why It's Important

Midlife mojo keeps you feeling young at heart and looking forward to enjoying every day with gusto and passion!

Are you over the age of 45 and feeling a little invisible, less confident, less competent and lacking the gusto you had when you were younger? You might be feeling like life just isn't what it used to be. If you're a mom, chances are you were once or still are scheduling play dates and after school activities with everything on your calendar. My calendar was scribbles on a lot of index cards. Now that your children are getting older or your adult children are attending college, setting themselves up for success or starting their own families, we often feel like we're not relevant anymore. Society still views aging for men and women differently. For men, as they age, they're looked at as mature and somehow sport the mojo easier. For women it still comes down to appearance and attractiveness so we work a little harder at keeping the mojo alive. Unfair but this is reality.

That's why I'm writing this article - I want to share with you everything I've learned over the past decade, heck over many years, about creating midlife mojo and having fun as an adult, no matter what stage of life you're in right now! Luckily, midlife mojo shows in many different ways and all it takes is a little hard work (yes it can be hard!) and creativity to find the ways that work best for you! Get to know who you are again, what you want, and go after it with passion... even if it's just joining a bird watching club. FYI, I love bird watching! I also know your body may betray you at times, mine does, but your mind still knows how to party. Think about it, middle age should be the time to shine - a period of fulfilment and fresh new opportunities with a lot of fun!

But what if this isn't how you feel? Then I hope my suggestions will help you shout to the world "Get Ready World, I'm Better Than Ever!"

Before I share my fun suggestions think about the friends or family you are close to. I bet you there is at least one person you spend time with, who explodes with confidence, positivity and enjoys life no matter what. They simply exude attractive energy. Feel their energy and become a "STAR" to yourself.

Mojo Suggestions

Take The Time To Go For A Walk

This simple thing is so good for reflecting about where you are and how you want your next chapter to be written. When I do this, with my very very slow Hovawart doggie boy, I connect with nature, become creative and feel good overall. I also love walking with my friends (one at 6AM) and find we encourage each other: how we need to eat, sleep, exercise and just get feel good. Guess what? We end up chatting later that day "OMG, I'm alive with energy!"

Start Something New

Be adventurous and take that 2 week cruise, paraglide over a jungle (supervised), go biking somewhere new, sign up for a Zumba class at your town center, rock climb, go on a vino tour, or become a "city slicker" and plan a working ranch vacation. Imagine immersing yourself in authentic ranch life? Wow, I really need to do this too.

Use Good Posture

Okay this one is in here because it's the words "Stand up straight, sit up straight" that my mom would repeat to my sis and I every day growing up. She insisted that good posture resonated to others a sign of confidence. Guess what? I really believe it does! I've actually influenced my own kids to do so too. OMG, I really have become my mom :) Take notice when you stand tall. People around you begin adjusting their torso and body and all of a sudden you're all a few inches taller. It's just a natural thing. Let's not forget good posture helps prevent neck and back problems too.

Hair And Style

Try out a new hair style, highlights or full Balayage. Going from jet black hair to my new Balayage look has allowed my hair to send out mojo rays! Also go shopping and buy a few new tops or outfits. We all know when wearing a new outfit makes you feel good and your confidence scale soars. Recently my mother-in-law (84 years young) with a giddy smile, told me a younger man insisted on paying her $57 grocery bill at the supermarket checkout. My response "OMG, mom someone just flirted with you!" She responded in her Italian accent "Oh no, I'm a widow over 40 years, I don't know these things." Funny because she just had her hair colored and styled. My point is a little change makes for a nice day!

Look Forward To Something With Friends, Family And Your Pets.

Make plans to do something with friends, family or both. When you make plans: breakfast, lunch, dinner or a short trip to the park it's always on your mind and something to look forward to. Going on adventures, laughing and trying new things helps build the gusto we need to feel good. And why not adventure out alone: try a new nail design, go window shopping, wander around flea markets or local events. Ultimately it's all about enjoying time doing something alone or with those who mean so much to you. So sip that cup of coffee, chat a little longer and hug your pets along the way.

Embrace Change

Change happens. It's happened throughout our lives but as we get older we tend to ponder and worry a little more. Sometimes change is not what we want, but if we try to see the best side of it, our bodies will acknowledge it and we'll feel okay. When it's time to move, or become an empty nester push through and reflect on all the good things around you. I view change as a new chapter in my book working through hurdles that try to halt my happiness.

Keep Photos In Sight

This is a great thing to do. With so many photos on our phones just begin scrolling. Then go have them printed, pop them into a cool frame or digital frame, place on your refrigerator or anywhere in your home you walk by daily. I just began to go back some 1000 years of photos and have diligently began this adventure. You start reminiscing thinking "Oh wow, I do remember doing that...I want to do that again!" Photos are a sure way to make us smile, cry, feel more youthful and relax. They might also be that spark we sometimes need.

Give Compliments More Often

I have always been one who compliments others whether it is complimenting them about a dish they made, acknowledging their new outfit, sending accolades for their kids, better half, parents or their pets. Just make sure you do this with sincerity. You will feel good and also make the recipient feel good. Feelings that exude happiness!

Start A Career

As we grow older we have more wisdom. So if you start a job or career at this point in your life you pursue it with a different vigor than when you were younger. What would Confucius say? After being a stay-at-home mom till my youngest son went off to college, I then pursued a part time job. My first brand ambassador job was sampling supplements near my friend sampling fiber bars. What a fun day we had! That led to other ambassador jobs, my becoming a health fair coordinator, a full time sales rep then to a director who built a new company division. After 4 years of having fun working I decided to start a blog and loving it!

Have Fun And Misbehave A Bit!

This is so important! I cannot state this enough times. I think I repeat myself in all my articles related to Midlife and Family. With everything we go through on a daily basis, dance a little more, go out with friends and toast to everything you can think of (I'm always toasting with a cup of tea), flirt with your significant other in public and always misbehave within reason. Just remember when you walk into any place (store, restaurant, event) you own it! Mojo Time!

Looking for more Midlife fun insights. Check out my other articles . All are written from my heart and through my many years of growing young!

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