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9 Best Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

Our pets are part of our family, and they deserve the best.

Our family pets require a lot of care. You need to make sure that your pets have everything they need to be comfortable, including food, toys, treats and more – and you want to give your pet as much attention as possible too! Here are 9 must-have products to gift to any pet parent, that will also make their pet’s life better.

1. The Duty Mitt

The Pet Grooming Mitt is the ultimate pet grooming product. When I first used The Duty Mitt a single use, disposable product on my boy, he smelled it, then laid back allowing me to clean him off. This mitt is great! It offers a gentle, cleansing formula and mild deodorizer-essential for maintaining a clean and healthy coat (scented and moist). The non-toxic ingredients control pet odors and reduce allergy-causing dander. Great product!

2. Aquapaw

Aquapaw makes it simple for everyone to maintain a clean and healthy pet at home through an innovative line of thoughtfully designed products. Their bathing and grooming tools are good for dogs and horses too. Using one of their products minimizes the time and effort to take care of our family pets. They even offer Aquapaw slow treaters to attach to your bathtub to help our pets get into the tub and feel more relaxed while they become squeaky clean.

3. Musher's Secret

This is one of the best products I've ever bought. Since using Musher's Secret Wax my boy's pads are smoother. He tends to have dry cracked pads and after a walk he licks them to ease the pain. Mushers' wax is made from food grade ethically sourced waxes, oils and Vitamin E. It soothes, conditions and relieves dry cracked pads all while creating a shield of protection against elements dogs, cats and horses walk upon.

4. Vertast Cat or Dog Cozy Cave Bed

This is a must have bed for cats or dogs because they deserve to curl up in a cozy spot of their own. Check out Vertast Cat or Dog Cave Beds. They are great for cats and small dogs with a super comfy warm igloo feel. Even when your cat decides to not go inside, and sits on top of it instead it pops back into it's original shape.

5. dooloop

Forget about walking around and swinging your dog’s poop bag. The dooloop is an incredible leash accessory that holds the bag and frees up your hands. Just slide the bag into the slot until it’s time to throw it out. dooloop is made from recycled plastic and strong enough to hold several bags in all types of weather. Available in 6 colors to match any style. Now, enjoy your walks with a cup of coffee or tea.

6. HandsOn Glove

Whether you're looking to groom, bath, or even massage your dogs, cats, or even horses, you have to get a pair of HandsOn Gloves. There is a reason they are the #1 ranked, multi-award-winning grooming glove. Its five-finger design with bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palm make these gloves a resourceful tool to have. These gloves gently remove excess hair and do not hurt their skin. Every time my doggie sees me put the HandsOn Gloves on, he gets so excited!

7. Pet House by One Fur For All

We love our furry friends but sometimes they can leave an odor behind. Eliminate that smell with Pet House by One Fur All candles. All candles are made with 100% natural soy sac and are paragon, phthalate and dye-free. Their new scent, Bamboo Watermint, combines bamboo with a mix of lemon, lime, lime blossoms, and peppermint and is perfect for freshening up your house!

8. Kinpurr Dog Oil

Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience stress and health challenges so now’s the time to start incorporating hemp into their lives. Kinpurr can relieve chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and more. It may even help improve mobility. And, if your dog is healthy, you can just add the oil to their food for health and longevity. Kinpurr uses the highest quality and purest oils. This product is worth trying.

9. Bully Buddy

The Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs is an amazing distraction tool for your dogs. This prevents dogs from chocking on the little nubs on the end of a bully stick, which is something my boy used to do and it got a little scary when he did. Just place a bully stick inside the Bully Buddy and screw it in. Now your pet has a something to put their paws on and can chew the bully. They even come in different six sizes for all types of dogs.

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