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15 Must-Have Items To Pack For Your Honeymoon Cruise

Have you booked a honeymoon cruise? Want to know what to pack for your cruise? Cruise essentials are the same for both first-time cruisers and seasoned cruisers.

While my family has been cruising many times before, I'm constantly updating my list of necessities, especially my gluten free snacks, for every trip. But during a recent cruise, there was a few occasions where my daughter would comment about items she wished she had brought for the trip - which surprised me because some of these things are really basic. Some things I never thought we would need but made sense when she said them; and now it seems like an obvious thing to bring on future trips.

When you set sail on a cruise, you are temporarily moving in, as you do with a vacation rental, so you must bring some comforts and cruise necessities to feel more like you're at home. The following is a short essential cruise packing list based on my cruise experiences. Hopefully this list will ensure you never forget anything again when it comes time for your next ocean style adventure. Just a quick note, I didn't include a bathing suit, coverup or sunscreen so please don't forget them. :)

1. NOMATIC Packing Cubes

Packing more than you think, is truly possible with Packing Compression Cubes from NOMATIC. I have become a fan and won't go cruising without them. Imagine fitting that extra pair of jeans or one more jacket in your suitcase. Each packing cube is strong, water-resistant, lightweight rip-stop nylon. It offers a zippered compression system to condense your clothes and maximize your space by 50 %.

2. Congo Tropicals

Healthy snacks that are gluten free are a must-pack when I cruise. Cruise ships have GF options but when it's late at night or you're touring, you need to have a quick snack on hand. I take along Congo Tropical plantain chips. This exotic sugar-free vegetables Plantain snack found in tropical regions is nutritionally high in fiber, potassium, energy, and low in cholesterol. Forget potato chips, enjoy some plantain chips.

3. Wandf

One thing is for sure. When you embark on a cruise you need that extra bag to use when you're ouring or for island beach time. Wandf offers a swim drawstring bag that has mesh pockets, water proof pockets and room for special finds you want to bring back on board the ship. This is an absolutely cool bag that opens to 18 x 12 x 6 to have on hand for your next cruise.


When you're out late enjoying everything a cruise offers the last thing you want to do is come back to your cabin and spend time removing your makeup. KIMTRUE has a wonderful formula that includes many plant based active ingredients that work to dissolve heavy makeup quickly while cleansing pores and gently moisturizing the skin. Best is, this lightweight formula will not dry out your skin. Nice way to end your cruise night.

5. The Dearest Grey Bento Box

With so many desserts or fabulous snacks on a cruise sometimes you want to take them back to your cabin. With a silicone Bento box from The Dearest Grey you get to do so, and know your dessert or goodie is going to stay fresh. The best is Bento boxes are made to last! So after your cruise, you'll be using them at home or when out and about. They are freezer safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

6. Famiry

A stand up mirror is the best to have with you, especially if there are a few of you sharing one cabin. A mirror like the one Famiry offers is 9 x 7 when opened and folds flat for easy transport. If you’re worried about applying your make-up with a good mirror, this standing make-up mirror is a great option to consider. The only problem is everyone will be asking to use it.

7. Clothespins

A simple item like this is a must for any cruiser. When your lying on your pool chair and your towel slips away, now these little helpers will keep your towel in place. If you have an inside cabin clothespins like JABINCO will help you hang your wet clothes up in the bathroom. How neat! All you need is to take a few colorful ones with you. Make a fashion statement with these.

8. Wetoweto

Bringing your own coffee mug along on your cruise is essential especially if you're like me who loves sipping tea all day. The cups you get at sea are small but if you're toting your own cup, your favorite drink will be a sip away. The Wetoweto 14 oz. stainless steel travel tumbler mug comes with 2 lids (1 sliding lid and 1 flip straw) and will allow you the privilege to not have to run back to the barista for a quick refill.

Even though you download and print paper cabin tags before your cruise I suggest using tag holders like Jollyants. They're clear plastic tags that keep your paper ones neat and easily readable. They have strong rings that securely attach to your luggage. So many people fumble with their paper tags at the pier holding up other cruisers, So look like a professional cruiser, sport yours and move through check-in quickly.

10. Bougie Bottle

This has been my favorite water bottle for some time now. Bougie Bottle is a double insulated water bottle that has beautiful artwork on each bottle. Each bottle, with a liquid capacity of 25 ounces keeps your cold drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm up to 12 hours. You're not only getting a very useful water bottle you are getting a fashion statement all other cruisers will be envious of. This bottle will become your best friend!

11. First Aid Kit

When you're cruising and take a tour, you never know if you'll slip, fall or accidently scrape your leg. It's happened to one of my family members before. Bringing along a Be Smart Get Prepared 85 pcs First Aid kit has you covered for those moments you need to reach for a bandage, gauze, first aid ointment or cold compress. I highly suggest it's on everyone's list.

12. Tom & Sheri's

When you're cruising, been out all day on a tour, come back and realize you have dinner reservations in 1 hour, the one thing you don't want to do is spend time ironing your clothes. Tom & Sheri's wrinkle release spray will do this for you in just a few minutes. Spray your garment, shake it a bit and voila! You're off for a nice evening!

13. Neosmuk

Magnetic hooks, who would have thought? But walls of cruise cabins are made of metal, even their doors, and these little helpers like Neosmuk come in quite handy. Especially the ones that hold over 60 lbs. They are great for hanging a lanyard, hat, swim cover up, t-shirts or other items you don't want to toss around the cabin. More free table space and you'll also have an organized cabin...Yay!

14. Plastic Bags

Probably the most versatile and useful item you can bring on a cruise are plastic bags. You think you may never need them, but then you come to find that you’ve used them all by the end of the trip. This is by far one of my favorite items to bring because you find yourself stuffing wet clothes into a bag to organizing last-minute items for your luggage. I use them for sneakers and slippers too. I highly suggest both gallon and quart-sized bags.

15. Sea Band Anti- Nausea Relief

So many people are fearful of cruising thinking they'll be sea sick. Something many cruisers have dealt with too but have learned some tips to help ease this condition. Sea Band is an anti nausea acupressure wristband proven to help with motion sickness and morning sickness. When you wear yours you'll soon notice others wearing theirs too. Sea Band wristbands will help ease your concerns.

Now that I've shared a few items you might want to pack for your honeymoon cruise, the only thing missing is your cruise ticket. Then sailing away you'll go! Just don't forget your favorite head phones!

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Disclosure: I may have received one or more products in exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend products that I would use personally or believe would be a good fit with my readers and other consumers. All opinions are 100 percent my own and may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR, Part 255: Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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