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That Will Impress and Charm At Your Event

Delighted To Meet You!
I'm Felicia. 

Visit the Lifestyle GG Showroom.
My exclusive  
designs that will add that  "Wow Factor" at your upcoming celebration.



I’ve always said everyone is gifted in some capacity and gifting is key to leading a wonderful lifestyle. Acknowledge the first and embrace the second. 

My blog and event styling boutique were created with the gusto that comes from a culmination of everything I am passionate about: Lifestyle, Event Decor, Family, Friends, DIY's, Travel, Midlife and more. 


Welcome to your "Go-To" spot  to find "One-Of-A-Kind" event decor and for unique gifts and products.

Smile, laugh, and cry a little perusing my articles: Midlife Rocks, Family and Life Experiences.


Be inspired: try a new DIY project, explore garden's gifts, love florals more, sport new fashion finds and be adventurous.


Remember though...misbehave a little, always dream and celebrate life! 


Visit Lifestyle GG . 
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"It's A Lifestyle"

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